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Linguistic (copy) editing

The linguistic editor makes corrections in grammar and style, adapting the text to the target group and purpose of the text. In the case of print and web materials, linguistic editing is strongly recommended. We edit articles, educational materials, books, product information, advertising texts, and more in Estonian and other languages.

Linguistic editing is included in our regular translation service.

editing and proofreading

Translation editing

When performing this work, the translator compares the translation with the original source text line-by-line and corrects the errors in content and grammar therein. This is work that, depending on the quality of the translation, may take half or more of the translation time. Basically, foreign translation agencies order this service from us, as do local clients who have performed the translation themselves or received poor quality translations from other translation agencies.

This work is included in our precision translation service.


Proofreading is a simple and less expensive version of linguistic editing. In the course of proofreading, the spelling and grammatical errors in the text are corrected, but substantive or style corrections are not made. Proofreading is needed to provide a text with a final polish before going to print.

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