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Estonian translation services.

Estonian translation

The Ad Altum Translations service was established in Tallinn in 2004. We offer the following services:

  • Written Estonian translations
  • Сertified Estonian translations
  • Oral translations
  • Text editing and layout

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Estonian translation services

Ad Altum – your translation partner for the Estonian language.

We provide complete Estonian-language translation services (TEP – translation, editing, proofreading): the translator translates; the editor compares the translation with the original text; and makes the necessary corrections in the content and grammar, by using the correction tracking function.  Thereafter, the translator reviews the corrections and confirms them. Before it is sent out, the translation is re-read by the editor.

We use SDL Trados Studio 2015 translation software for Estonian translation translating from English, German, Russian and Finnish. This service is provided primarily to foreign localization agencies.

Ad Altum clients

Approximately 50% of our volume is comprised of Estonian translations for foreign translation and localization agencies. We are very gratified that most of our clients are long-term repeat customers. Of our turnover, 46% is generated by local jobs, 35% by orders from the EU and 19% comes from outside the EU.

Ad Altum translators/editors

In our work, we continually endeavour to provide the best quality work and therefore we primarily use the proven translators/editors who have collaborated with us since the time our translation agency was founded. We set fixed standards for new translators/editors. You can find out more about them here.

The history of our agency

Ad Altum Translation Services was founded in 2004. For ten years, the company office was located in Tallinn at Endla St. 4. In the early years, we focused mostly on notarized translations. Through the ensuing years, the percentage of jobs from business clients, and especially translation jobs from foreign clients, increased. At the same time, the number of notarized translations decreased due to the gradual transfer of this work to sworn translators. Therefore, our operations became internet-based and fewer and fewer clients visited the office. This made maintain an office unnecessary. And, in January of 2014, we closed the office and transferred all our activities to the internet.