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Layout Services

Layout is the process of formatting the text and laying it out on the page along with the pictures so that the important parts of the text are highlighted, and the result is aesthetically pleasing and saves space on the page.

If you send us Word or PowerPoint files for translation, layout is not necessary. In these cases, the translator just replaces the text and the placement/formatting remains the same.

Laying out the page is necessary when texts on paper or in picture formats (PDF, JPG, etc.) are to be translated. In these cases, the text cannot be automatically replaced and the entire layout must be recreated altogether.

Layout price

The price depends on the complexity of the job and starts at € 3.00 per page.

In order to provide a quote, it is essential to know whether the text will be printed or used in digital form. Printing places higher quality requirements on pictures. For the person doing the layout, it is useful to receive the files formatted in the design program originally used to create the layout. PDF, JPG and other image formats are meant for viewing the result and it is very difficult or impossible to replace text in these formats.

Copyright issues

We are often sent files that are protected from being changed or copied and, in this case, copyright issued need to be considered. It is the client’s responsibility to check whether the existing layout and picture can even be copied.


Localization is the adaptation of software and informational material to the corresponding cultural environment. In the best case, every translation should include localization. Larger manufacturers organize the translation of their instruction manuals themselves, and order all the languages from one localization agency. The localization agencies send files, which have been converted from the design programs to translation software formats, to their translation partners. And the files, which are translated with translation software, are converted back into the design program. This partnership with large localization agencies is an important part of our workload.

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