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Oral Translation

Oral translation types. We provide four types of oral translations:

oral translation

Consecutive oral translation (consecutive interpretation)

In the case of consecutive translation, the person being translated speaks in paragraphs, giving the translator time to translate what has been said after each paragraph. This is appropriate for translating foreign-language presentations at small seminars.

Whispered oral translation (whispered interpretation)

Whispered translation is used when one or two listeners require a translation. In this case, the translator sits next to the person requiring the translation and simultaneously translates the presentation in a whisper.

Simultaneous oral translation (simultaneous interpretation)

In the case of simultaneous translation (also called conference translation), the translators are located in translation booths or in a separate room where they can see what is happening in the hall on a screen, and simultaneously translate the presentation with the help of earphones. In this case, two translators are used for each pair of language who work in turns.

Notarial consecutive translation (notarial interpretation)

In the case of notarial consecutive translation, the translator is present during the notarial transaction, and in addition to translating what is said by the notary and client, the translator also translates the contents of the notarial documents.

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