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Translation agency: General Conditions


1. General Provisions

1.1. The general provisions shall establish the provisions that are related to the ordering of those translation services that are not separately agreed upon in the commission contract.

1.2. The general provisions apply to all orders.

1.3. If the general provisions are at variance with the commission contract, the provisions of the commission contract will prevail.


2. Definitions

Client is the physical person or company that orders the service from the translation agency.

Client’s order confirmation is the client’s written reply to the price offer, whereby the client orders the job that is indicated in the inquiry under the conditions provided in the offer. The order form that is filled out by the project manager at the translation agency and signed by the client is regarded as an order confirmation.

Commission contract is a written agreement between the translation agency and client for the ordering of a service. The correspondence recording the procedure of the order, which includes the client’s and translation agency’s order confirmation, as well as the order form that is filled out by the project manager in the translation agency and signed by the client is regarded as the commission contract.

Cost is the total price of the translation service.

In the case of consecutive translations, the person being translated speaks in paragraphs, providing the translator sufficient time to translate what has been said after each paragraph.

Deadline is the date by which the translated text must be sent out or the order for an oral translation fulfilled.

During the final review, the project manager checks the layout of the text, the numbers included in the text, and ensures that all the sections of the original text exist in the translation.

Layout is the process of formatting the text and laying it out on the page along with the pictures so that the important parts of the text are highlighted, and the result is aesthetically pleasing and saves space on the page.

Linguistic editing is the grammatical and stylistic adjustment of the translated text to suit the target group and purpose of the text.

Notarial consecutive translation is oral translation wherein the translator is present during the notarial transaction, and in addition to translating what is said by the notary and client, the translator also translates the contents of the notarial documents.

Order conditions are the details of the service:

Order form is the written order that the project manager fills out and the client signs when handing over the original source text(s) to the translation agency. The filled-out and signed order form is regarded simultaneously as the instrument of delivery and receipt and commission contract.

Order is the ordering of the service that is the object of the commission contract.

Original source text is the text that the client would like to have translated into another language.

Precision translation is a written translation that includes substantive editing and a final review.

Price inquiry is a request for a price in writing by using the inquiry form on the translation agency’s website or in free form.

Price is the price of the billing unit of the translation service.

Price offer is the written response to the price inquiry that includes the price of the order, deadline, and other conditions of the order.

Pricelist is the document showing the prices for the services on the translation agency’s website.

Proofreading is the grammatical checking of the translated text and the correction of grammatical and spelling errors.

Quality translation is a written translation that includes either substantive or linguistic editing, proofreading, and final review.

Regular translation is written translation that includes proofreading and a final review.

Service is the paid service that is provided by the translation agency.

Simple translation is a written translation that includes a final review.

Simultaneous translation (also called conference translation) is oral translation wherein translators are located in translation booths or in a separate room where they can see what is happening in the hall on a screen, and simultaneously translate the presentation with the help of earphones.

Source language is the language of the client’s original text.

Standard translation page is the unit for calculating the cost of written translations and contains 1,800 characters with spaces.

Substantive editing is the checking of the conformity of the translated text to the original source text and the making of corrections.   

Target language is the language into which the client would like to have the original text translated.

Translation agency’s order confirmation is the translation agency’s reply to the client’s order confirmation whereby the order registration number is forwarded.

Translation bureau is Ad Altum OÜ.

Translation data storage is a database that is created with translation software that includes parallel sentences/phrases in two languages.

Translated text is the original source text that has been translated into the target language.

Whispered translation is oral translation wherein the translator sits next to the person requiring the translation and simultaneously translates the presentation in a whisper.

Written refers to those letters sent by e-mail, fax, or mail or handed over to the translation agency (including, but not limited to, inquiries, offers, notices, confirmations, etc.).

  1. source language
  2. target language
  3. name of the service:
  1. a) oral translation:
    1. consecutive translation
    2. whispered translation
    3. simultaneous translation
    4. notarial consecutive translation
  1. b) written translation:
    1. simple translation
    2. regular translation
    3. precision translation (document or technical translation)
    4. quality translation
  1. c) linguistic/substantive editing
  2. d) proofreading
  3. e) translation data storage
  4. f) layout


3. Price Offer

3.1. The basis for the price offer is the number of standard translation pages of the original text presented to the translation agency by the client or the estimated number of hours of oral translation.

3.2. When making the price offer, the possible lengthening of the text after the translation is taken into consideration.

3.3. The price offer includes the standard translation page (hourly) rate, estimated volume of the order, and probable cost based on the volume of the original text (duration of the oral translation), deadline for completing the job (the date and time of the oral translation), and conditions.

3.4. The price offer is valid for one month after its presentation or until the time designated in the offer.


4. Ordering and Providing the Service

4.1. When the order is placed by e-mail, the procedure is as follows:

  1. the client submits a price inquiry,
  2. the translation agency sends a price offer in reply to the inquiry,
  3. if the offer is suitable, the client sends the translation agency a confirmation and the original text (auxiliary materials),
  4. the translation agency then confirms the order and sends the client a registration number and confirmed deadline.

4.2. The correspondence that records the order procedure and confirmations by the client and translation agency are a binding commission contract to which these conditions apply.

When the order is placed at the translation bureau, the order form filled out by the project manager is deemed the commission contract. The order form is printed out in two copies, of which one remains at the translation bureau and the other is provided to client. Both parties sign both copies.

4.3. The translation agency will not confirm the order and deadline or begin fulfilling the order before receiving the order confirmation and original text from the client.

4.4. The translation agency will fulfil the order according to the conditions agreed upon in the commission contract.

4.5. Every notice received after the order confirmation will be regarded as an amendment to the commission contract and will become valid once it is signed by the other party.


5. Deadline for fulfilling the order

5.1. The translation agency will present the written translation no later than by the deadline indicated in the order confirmation.

5.2. Unless agreed upon otherwise, the entire 24 hours of the deadline date will be considered the deadline.

5.3. In case of subsequent changes in the volume of the order, the translation agency will assign a new deadline according to the schedule of its jobs, and will immediately notify the client thereof. If the new deadline is not suitable for the client and the translation agency cannot comply with the requests of the client, causing the client in turn to cancel the order, the client will undertake to pay the cost of the order in proportion to the already completed part.

5.4. If the translation agency is forced to change the deadline for the order for good reasons independent of the agency, such as the translator becoming ill, and the client cancels the order since the deadline offered by the translation agency does not suit them, the client will undertake to pay the cost of the order in proportion to the already completed part.


6. Price and cost of the service

6.1. The prices of the services are established in the corresponding pricelist. The valid pricelists are available on the translation agency’s website at

6.2. The translation agency has the right to make changes to the pricelist. Changes shall come into force on the day after the changes are made.

6.3. If the price in the price offer differs from the price of the service in the pricelist, the price in the price offer is valid.

6.4. If not agreed upon otherwise in the commission contract, the cost of the translation will be calculated based on the characters in the translated text or the number of the actual hours of the oral translation.


7. Payment conditions

7.1. Before starting to fulfil the order, the translation agency has the right to request a prepayment from the client in an amount agreed upon with the client, but not more than 50% of the price indicated in the price offer.

7.2. If not agreed upon otherwise, the client undertakes to pay the entire cost of the order before the translation job is sent out.

7.3. If the translation agency sends the translation job to the client before the payment of the entire cost, the client undertakes to pay the invoice submitted to them no later than by the payment deadline indicated on the invoice, or within two weeks of the issuance of the invoice.

7.4. The invoice will be issued in the name of the client or the institution/company that the client represents.

7.5. The physical person or company that orders the translation is responsible for paying for the invoice in full.

7.6. Upon the cancellation of an order for reasons independent of the client or for reasons  that are specified in clauses 5.3 and 5.4, the client will undertake to pay the cost of the order in proportion to the already completed part.

7.7. All the amounts subject to payment will be considered paid when the corresponding amount has been deposited in the bank account of the translation agency or paid to the translation agency in cash.

7.8. Cash payments will be proven by a cash receipt or corresponding stamp on the invoice/written order.

7.9. The translation agency will hand invoices, which are in arrears for more than one month, over to a collection agency.

7.10. The translation agency has the right to demand a late penalty of 0.15% (zero point fifteen per cent) of the amounts in arrears for every day of the delay. All the costs for collecting debts (collection agency claims) will be borne by the debtor.


8. Delivery of the translation

8.1. Completed translated texts will be delivered to the client by the means specified in the commission contract.

8.2. Paper documents and their translations will be delivered based on the written order.

8.3. The client undertakes to review the translation and to accept it or return it for correction within one month of the delivery of the translated text. Later complaints will not be addressed.


9. Liability

9.1. The translation agency undertakes to review all complaints that the client submits within one month of the translated text being delivered.

9.2. The translation agency undertakes to immediately make all the necessary and justified corrections in the translated text at its expense.

9.3. The translation agency is not responsible for any corrections made by the client or third parties.

9.4. The liability of the translation agency is limited to the maximum cost of the translation.


10. Confidentiality

10.1. The content of all the original documents and other documents submitted by the client are held strictly confidential.

10.2. The translation agency undertakes to guarantee the adherence of its employees and subcontractors to strict confidentiality requirements.


11. Storage of documents

11.1. The translation agency stores the original texts and translated texts electronically for two years after the submission of the order.

11.2. Original paper documents and approved document translations that have not been picked up by the client will be stored at the translation agency for one year after the submission of the order.

11.3 Correspondence that is treated as written orders and commission contracts will be stored at the translation agency for one year after the submission of the order.


12. Resolution of disputes

12.1. Attempts will be made to resolve disputes between the translation bureau and client by negotiations. In the case of differences that cannot be resolved independently, the dispute will be resolved by the Harju County Court.

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