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Translation Software

A translation memory is a database created with a translation program that includes parallel sentences in two languages. Translation memories are very useful when partially repetitive texts need to be translated. There are many translation programs, but we use SDL Trados Studio 2015. As a rule, we use translation software to translate from English, Russian, Finnish and German into Estonian; sometimes also from Estonian into a foreign language.

Translation software can only be used to translate text files. In case of image files, they have to be converted into text files, which is not always possible.

Translation software helps to save time and money

With the help of translation memories, one does not need to manually filter out the repetitive sections of a text to avoid paying several times for the same translation. This work is done by the translation software, which takes the repetitive sentence from the translation memory. The analytical function of the translation software provides information about how many repetitive sentences exist in a text and how much of the text already exists in the translation memory.

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Translation memory helps to ensure high-quality translations

In addition to saving time and money, translation memories help to improve the quality of translations, by ensuring the usage of the same terminology even when a long period of time has passed between translations and the texts are translated by different translators. Translation software enables a client-based terminology database to be created and automatic control to be used to monitor the use of terminology. In addition, translation software has specialised control functions for checking on the numbers, design, etc. in the source and destination texts. And to top it all off, it is not possible to accidentally leave out a part of the text when using translation software.

Translation memory service

If you have text files for your source and destination texts, a translation memory can be created using this service. This is very useful if you need to regularly update or amend existing basic texts or often translate similar texts. Such texts include contracts, instruction manuals, annual reports, product information, etc. In this case, you would first order the creation of a translation memory and thereafter only pay for translating the changes.

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